Our company offers a wide range of services in the corporate and private sectors by giving crucial business associates that contribute to answer client’s need and promote growth in their business by putting them ahead of competition. We believe in unique unmatchable job for our business partners. We know that a happy client will come back again and will refer others.



Vision statement: To lead in quality services provision in Kenya and beyond boarders.

Mission statement: We are that crucial link to the answer of your needs.

Values: We believe in loyal business and ethics. Therefore, RBTS strictly observes to fulfill its service delivery mandate in accordance with the law and to satisfy its clients’ needs.


GROWTH STRATEGY: In order to ensure growth and diversity, RBTS encourages partnerships with other entities’ products and services. Our staffs are experts in their line of duty. They are in constant training and research in order to maintain upto date knowledge and skills so as to remain relevant in the market.



  • The following is a list of our Company products. 
  • General office Supplies
  • Graphics design, Branding and Digital Prints 
  • ICT Consultancy (Systems Support, Networking, & Maintenance)
  • Internet Services and CCTV Installation 
  • Software development, Bulk SMS & e-Marketing services 
  • Webhosting and Domains registrations and Website development 
  • Business Agency



We simply make our clients dream come true by helping them to establish possible solutions for their business.



RBTS’ ecommerce innovation product was the 2011 Vision 2030 ICT innovation Award Winner at the connected Kenya summit. We had the best local ecommerce website. Our bulk sms communication system sends over 1000 of sms per second. RBTS got appointed to the local agent for a Nordic-Africa Technology Export Scheme; an international consulting firm based in the Scandinavian region. We have clients in other parts of the world who have regularly come back for us for services and do refer others. This proves that we are competitive and our services deliver clients expectations.



RBTS has served high profile clients locally and internationally. Our clients in return have always recommended our products to others. We believe in full customer attention to their requirements.

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